A Typical Day at Jake Saunders Co

Every now and then, in the past, we'd meet up with a new customer to tell them what we do and how we do it, but recently we haven't been able to do a usual 'face to face' and you know what? We're really missing it.

Letting you know what we do here at Jake Saunders Co is really important, so as I can't do that in person, and I can't show you round our office right now, I thought I would give you a little insight into a typical day in the life of us - Jake Saunders Co.

So first thing in the morning.... coffee on? Check.

We're starting the day with a check over of the websites of some our Website Management clients. We have multiple clients that we have built websites for, that ask us to manage their website on a monthly basis, so today we are checking that their sites are nice and secure and up to date. Once this is complete we'll need to write our analytics reports for each website so our clients know how many visitors they are getting to their sites and where they are coming from. This is all included part of our website care plans.

We're also adding some new content to some pages of one client's website, ready for the launch of their new products, so we are adding new content and images.

We have a photo shoot later in the week, to photograph some jewellery for a new website that we are also involved in the e-commerce build of, so we will jump on a call with the client this morning to discuss ideas and concepts. The plan is to look over some of the inspiration images that the client has provided so that we can be sure the shoot runs smoothly and, most importantly, provides the client exactly what they are looking for.

Our new large format printer is arriving in a few weeks (and we CANNOT WAIT) for our printing company StageTaken so a few logistical bits need taking care of today, including where we are actually going to put the thing.... There will be lots more to do for our printing arm, before it is 100% up and running (stay tuned for that) but we will soon be offering huge print sizes and specialised prints!

We've also been doing some test prints for one of our art clients today, as he can't decide on a paper so we've been helping him choose the best one for his images. Looks like it's the beautiful Photo Rag Baryta by Hahnemuhle, such a lovely paper!

To round off the afternoon we are continuing with a web development project for a local company. The brief was sleek but simple, so we've been working hard to get that ready for launch soon. Still some work to be done.

Before you know it, we've reached the end of the day and it's time to switch off and head home, ready for more of the same tomorrow. I hope this has given you an interesting insight into what's going on here at Jake Saunders Co and what we all get up to on a typical day! To find out more about what we do visit www.jakesaunders.co



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